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**** We have extended the dates for raffle ticket sales. Sales are OPEN NOW and will continue until December 31st, details are below.****** 

Family reunions are designed to be fun. They have to be fun for everyone.  Our first annual Kemper Family reunion is no different.  Guaranteed, it will be fun!

There is another fact, however, all this fun costs money.  While your organizing committee can do everything possible to keep expenses down, some things just cost money – like the lobsters, the tent, and the recyclable dinnerware to name a few.   

All this is to say, we need some up-front cash.  We expect to need $2,500 to cover the up-front costs. Naturally, covering up-front costs reduces the final per-person price.  
The organizing committee hopes a RAFFLE might raise the $2,500, reduce the final per-person price, start the fun AND create some excitement around our family’s geographic diversity.  


We have created 7 different gift baskets, each with a retail value over $100.  These baskets were donated so there is no cost to the event. Additionally, they come from 5 geographic areas where our Kemper family lives. Each basket contains fun, non-perishable items that are unique to, created in or representative of each area.

  • Northern Michigan

  • Maine

  • New Hampshire

  • Florida

  • North Carolina

  • Children’s Basket

  • Four dinner tickets to the lobster fest: retail value of probably over $250

Below, you will find pictures and descriptions for each of the baskets.  

From here on we had to be careful not to run afoul of various laws and regulations.  To keep the Organizing Committee out of jail and still have fun with this, some of our terminology has become overly cute and the systems to transfer money will seem very “20th Century”.  

Here’s how THE RAFFLE will work:

  • Click “Vote your Tickets” next to any of the basket pictures (below) to go to a very slick page where you can “vote” as many tickets as you would like to help you win any of the baskets offered.  “Vote” as many tickets as you want for each basket you would like to win.  “Vote” a lot of tickets! We are asking a donation of $5 per ticket, and the money goes to a good cause.

  • Make your donation to the reunion in exchange for the tickets you voted, above.  If you feel the $5 donation per ticket does not adequately reflect the depth and breadth of your largess, you are free to burnish the brilliance of your generosity and increase that amount. Burnish away!  Remember, we are looking for $2,500 out of this gig and will take all the help we can get.  Anyway, when you have decided how much you want to send, here is what you do:

  • Make your check payable to Andrew W. Bonney. Note raffle donation in the memo line on your check. Andrew (Reunion Treasurer) will ensure payments are deposited into the Kemper Reunion account.

  • If paying by personal check is a problem, please contact Andrew by email at or call him at (508) 648-5911 for alternative payment options. 

  • Mail your check, to Andrew Bonney at P.O. Box 177, Marion, MA 02738.

  • THE RAFFLE window will be open from October 20, closing December 31st at midnight.

  • On January 1st, someone from the committee will select one winning ticket from each basket.

  • We will notify the seven winners by email, post the results on this website, and instruct the basket-donors to head to the post office ASAP to mail their baskets to the 7 winners. Easy-Peezy, as they say here in Michigan.  

Like it?  We hope so because that’s how it’s going to work.  We just ask you to “vote” tickets like they vote in Chicago, “Early and Often!”  

Fundraiser: Text
08 Dec 2020, 12:00 am – 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 pm
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Raffle Prizes

Florida Basket

One Florida cheese cutting board
1 box shell end appetizer tooth picks
2 shovel dip spoons
2 Blue fish cracker/dip plates
2 dip spread knives (flamingo and shell)
4 appetizer forks
1 flamingo wind cork
1 handmade pottery chip bowl - just keep swimming)
3 tree ornaments: alligator, manatee, stingray, whales
2 older Florida relatives that might just come join in the fun
1 door/walk wreath
Swordfish bottle opener
2 bird stainless martini stirred
2 bird stainless olive holders


Maine Basket

Canvas bag
Old ME license plate
Coffee mug
Lobster claw key chain
The Colors of Lobstering, book
Blueberry jam
3 small soaps
Grow a moose
Salt water taffy

Michigan Basket

Fustini’s 12.7 fl. oz. artisanal BASIL FLAVORED OLIVE OIL
Warren Orchards “Between the Bays” 1.5 lb jar of RAW HONEY
Artisanal designed HONEY SERVER
GREAT LAKES DESIGN SWEATSHIRT, size medium (very large medium)
Cherry Republic 8 oz. RUBY RED SOUR CHERRY PATCHES (gumdrops)
The LEGEND OF SLEEPING BEAR, Michigan’s Official Children’s Book.


New Hampshire Basket

From the ace flour prducer and baking expert, King Arthur Baking Company, located in Norwich Vermont, comes a delightful set of mixes for scones, chocolate chip cookies, muffins, a cake, pancakes, and even gingerbread men. The basket is rounded out with a special scone baking pan, a beautiful red mixing bowl, a signature King Arthur Flour towel, and a jug of maple syrup produced from a maple sugarbush on our own land - Northern New England at its finest.

Carolina Basket

Carolina BBQ Gift Basket Perfect gift for the Lover of All Things Grilled!  

BBQ Sauces:  tomato-based, vinegar-based, and mustard-based. 

a “chimney” to get your coals just right

a fish and veggie grilling basket & rib rack 

Instant-read thermometer, 

 Dry Rub and hickory chips 


Children's Basket

Anyone up for a Road Trip/Childs Birthday Gift/Childs Rainy Day Entertainment?

Make a new friend at a family reunion and share your games?

This basket has plenty to entertain Children from age 4 to 12. We have card games, puzzles, learning books, crayons, colored pencils, and Markers.

Chefs Magnetic drawing board with chalkboard Easel.

10 Week by week Sight work packets for 100 sight words. 

All in One Kids Craft Paining Kit-Build your own Castle.

Scratch off World and USA Map Posters for Tracking your adventures.

100 piece puzzles, DIY kit to bedazzle a box, Legos and matchbox cars.

Valued at $125.00

Lobster Raffle

Coming to the Kemper Reunion? Well your dinner for 4 could be on us! Retail value of over $250. Please see image for details.

Fundraiser: Features
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